4 Ways to decode Destiny Killers – Prophet Joshua Iginla

Prophet Joshua Iginla, the General Overseer of Champion’s Royal Assembly in his recent post on his Facebook page shared a message to friends and families.

While speaking on HOW TO KNOW DESTINY KILLERS, the cleric reportedly stated that “Destiny killers are annihilators of destiny possibilities. An encounter with destiny killers automatically brings your destiny to the place of demise. As there are helpers of destiny, there are also killers of destiny. On this note, Be sensitive. Speaking further he said ” Below are Four ways on HOW TO DECODE DESTINY KILLERS;

  1. Destiny killers are dream blockers. There are people that come around your life to abort your dreams; they do all it takes to discourage and block your dreams, such are destiny killers. Avoid them.
  2. When they are around your life, they bring delays and stagnation to your destiny. When you are in association with destiny killers, you automatically begin to experience stagnation and delays in diverse areas of your life because of the negative atmosphere they bring around you.
  3. Destiny killers are fault finders. They come into your life with a judgmental mentality and look for things to use in condemning you. Anyone who comes around you to persistently find faults is a destiny killer. Give such people distance.
  4. Destiny killers are mockers of your current situation. There are people that will make mockery of every attempt you make at destiny, and if you pay attention to their mockery you may be broken down for life, such are destiny killers.

Speaking lastly he said “On this note, I prophesy upon your life today that every operation of destiny killers targeted to shut down your destiny manifestation is frustrated by fire In Jesus name.

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