In Acts 27:23, “the One to whom I belong and whom I serve!” Paul cheered!! Thus Paul was a slave to his God. He dedicated everything to his Master!!

The right foundation for the dedication is to put Him first, realizing that “My whole being belongs to God.” We must be thankful to God for all that He has adone for us, and that feeling of gratitude is our commitment to God – not a sure basis for dedication!

The “love of Christ” can also be said to motivate us. But all that must be the basis for our dedication to God is the truth that “He has paid the cost for us on the Cross.” From that day on, we have become God’s possession! We have no right over us anymore!!

Slaves served their masters in those days, not primarily because they loved their masters! Rather, they are the property of that masters!! That’s it.

Therefore, if one dedicates his whole life to God, there is no special benefit he has made to God! All he did was, say, “What he stole from God, he has now returned to him!” That’s it.

After I have stolen someone’s money, repenting for that and if I returned the money, I have done nothing good to that man! Rather, I would go to him as a repentant thief. When we dedicate our lives to God, we must go to Him with this attitude! Because God has bought us for a price! Only after we have realized this can we find the perfect foundation of commitment!

Our heavenly Father! We realize that dedicating ourselves wholly to you is the duty of Love; We surrender ourselves wholly to You, Lord, who has purchased us on the cross of Calvary! In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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