Bishop Oyedepo advised Christians on what to do in their Workplace

Bishop David Oyedepo, the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Living Faith Church, spoke today at Faith Tabernacle Ota during the Covenant Family Day Service. While recalling a testimony that occurred in his Church, the Bishop shared a message he claimed to have gotten from the Lord on what Christians should do when they arrive at work on Monday (August 21, 2023).

“Someone shared a testimony here some time ago,” says Bishop David Oyedepo. He stated that in his family, people are buried every two years. He took the anointing oil and returned to his homeland, anointing every location as directed by the Spirit. He testified after ten years that they had not buried anyone else.

“As revealed also by the Holy Spirit, every Christian should anoint his or her work place tomorrow morning (August 21, 2023). To cut off the hands of the wicked, you should carry out this simple task. If you are sick, take the anointing Oil before you sleep”.

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