Daily Manna (02/09/2023): Sharing The Vision

Daily Manna
Saturday, September 2, 2023
Key Verse
“Behold, A king shall reign in righteousness, and princes shall rule in judgment” (Isaiah 32:1).

TEXT — Isaiah 32:1-8
Prophet Isaiah lived about 800 years before the coming of Jesus Christ, the Saviour-King, to the world. However, he was repeatedly shown various visions about His first advent, His ministry, His crucifixion, His resurrection and finally, His millennial reign and about eternity. In dramatic presentations, the book of Isaiah provides both prophecies that have been unfolded and those that are awaiting fulfilment.

In today’s reading, the Lord shows His servant what it would be like to have a future world under the control of the King of righteousness. In His government will be princes who themselves “shall rule in judgment”. How about the citizens? They will be changed under the kingship of Christ. There will be no oppression because the new social order would be peopled by the redeemed who will always obey the Lord. They will not plan “wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words”.

This, obviously, cannot be the picture of the rule of a degenerate man. It is impossible for fallen man to attain this serene scene of perfection. Clearly then, it can only be the flawless era of the Son of God, preceded by the rapture and the great tribulation. Saints must quit the earth to make way for the punishment of evil doers during the great tribulation before the dawn of the millennial kingdom.

Believers who have shared in this salutary vision, like Isaiah, have a duty to go into the world, beginning with our immediate community, to tell the people about the Lord’s warning. We need to admonish them to run from the impending damnation awaiting unrepentant sinners and exhort them that there is hope for those who forsake evil habits and turn to Christ. It is the only way to avoid regret and be part of the unspeakable joy of Christ’s kingdom.

Thought for the day
Judgment looms for unrepentant sinners.
in one year
PSALM 78 – 79

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