Daily Manna for Children (03/10/2023): The Young Idler, And An Old Begger

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The Young Idler, And An Old Begger
Tuesday, October 3, 2023
Key Verse
“Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.” Proverbs 19:15

Text — Proverbs 19: 13- 17

Dunney called the attention of his father saying “Daddy, that old man you have just greeted looked tired and hungry.” “That was my friend. He was not hardworking when we were young. All the efforts of his father to make him go to school or learn a trade failed. He was going about the places boasting that one-day God will just do it and he will become the richest person among all of us. Now he has no good shelter neither can he afford good meals” Said Dunney’s father. “That is a serious lesson to all children”, he concluded. What you do now prepares you for a rewarding or regretful future.

Our topic simply means that anyone who does not work hard when he is young, will become a beggar in his old age. God hates slothfulness or idleness; He loves hard work. He worked hard to create this beautiful world we are living in. He is still working even now, supervising the affairs of this whole world. It is only what you lay your hands on that God will bless. He does not bless idle hands. You must do more work and have less pleasure now that you are young. Later in life, you will have more pleasure and suffer no hunger when you are old.

Further Reading
Romans 12:8-11

Prayer for today
Lord, teach me to work hard now that I have the strength so that I can rest in my old age.

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