Daily Manna for Children (12/12/2023): Let God Take Care

Sincere Milk
Let God Take Care
Wednesday, December 13, 2023
Key Verse
“Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?” Matthew 6:27

Text — Matthew 6:25-27

A man told the story of a poor old man who was struggling along the road with his heavy baggage. A horse and wagon pulled over by his side and the driver offered him a ride. The old man gladly accepted the offer and got into the wagon. Shortly thereafter, the driver noticed that he was still carrying his heavy load on his head, he then suggested that he should put it down. The old man said that he did not want to give the driver an additional load to carry, that the kind man was carrying him and also his baggage – he decided to bear part of the burden – holding on to his heavy bag.

Some children behave like this old man; they think that God is only interested in one aspect of their lives. They do not let go of all their burdens/problems to God. They do not pray about everything that concerns them – spiritual, academics, health, family etc. They only mention some to God in prayer and continue to struggle with the others. Let go and let God take care of all your burdens – give them all to Him. Jesus is our Great Burden Bearer; He is interceding before His heavenly Father for you. Make Him your Friend, open up to Him and see Him work in your life.

Further Reading
Matthew 10:29-31

Prayer for today
Father, please, help me to cast all my burdens -cares and worries on You because You care for me.

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