Director of ‘Nigeria Prays’ Reveals Why Nigeria is Not Getting Results From Prayers

The National Director, ‘Nigeria Prays’, Dr. Moses Aransiola, has revealed why Nigeria is not getting results from prayers.

He said: “The problems of the country are the people themselves, which make it look like there is no solution to the challenges facing the nation.”

Speaking at a news conference yesterday in Ibadan to mark the 30th anniversary of Gethsemane Prayer School, Ibadan, scheduled for September 11th to 17th, Aransiola said part of those who pray are thieves, corrupt people and wicked souls, “who hinder our prayers.”

He said: “Nigerians are very religious. You cannot be committing sins and praying. God cannot answer such prayers. Those messing up Nigeria are in churches and mosque.”

Aransiola said Gethsemane Prayer Ministries International, which was established for prayer, intercession and deliverance, had taken missionary work to different parts of the world, adding that it had trained thousands of prayer intercessors in dominations across Nigeria and in overseas.

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