Faith Leader Shares Advice for Parents of Transgender Kids

John Piper Discusses Supporting Children Who Identify as Transgender

In a recent episode of his podcast “Ask Pastor John,” author and Desiring God founder John Piper addressed the topic of gender identity and offered advice to parents with children who identify as transgender.

The episode, titled “Is My Child Transgender Because of Me?”, acknowledges a common concern among parents – the fear that their actions might negatively influence their children.  

An anonymous listener wrote to the podcast sharing their experience. They have four sons, two of whom identify with gender dysphoria.

Feeling overwhelmed and helpless, they asked for guidance on how to navigate the situation.  

John Piper offered ten suggestions for parents facing similar situations.  One suggestion was to avoid blaming themselves: “We can’t directly connect parenting choices to a child’s decisions,” Piper said, referencing a passage from the Bible. 

Piper emphasized the importance of faith, encouraging parents to “trust in God’s power” and “maintain hope even in difficult times.”

He also advised parents to “love their children unconditionally” while upholding their own beliefs. 

Open and honest communication is another key point.  Piper suggests parents “speak truthfully to their children” and “express their love”  in a way that avoids nagging or manipulation.  

Additionally, Piper encourages parents to “pray regularly” and to “seek guidance from God” about how often to discuss these issues with their children,  especially if communication has become strained. 

He also highlights the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Parents are advised to “clearly communicate God’s message of love” and to leave the door open for their children to return, both literally and metaphorically. 

Finally, Piper encourages parents to maintain a sense of purpose and joy despite the challenges.

He concludes the episode with a call for prayer, expressing hope for a future where families can find healing and reconciliation.

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