Fr. Oluoma: You will fail if you neglects studies for Prayers.

Fr. Oluoma Chinenye John is a Catholic priest in Archdiocese of Abuja, Nigeria.

While speaking on PRAYER IS NOT THE MASTER KEY, the cleric reportedly stated “Someone Who Neglects Studies For Prayers Will Fail Exams And Watch Someone Who Studies Without Praying Pass. If God makes you pass exam you didn’t study for, will He also do the job you are not intellectually and skilfully qualified for? On this note, Life doesn’t work that way, and it’s God that established the principles that govern life presently, irrespective of what anyone believes.

Speaking further he said ” If you believe otherwise, wait until someone who has never trained as a pilot prays and decides to fly the plane you boarded. When you are looking for a teacher, driver or doctor, go and pick prayer warriors who never trained and qualified for these professions. Only then you will know prayer is not the master key. Speaking further he said “Understand that for a happy, prosperous and good life, spirituality( where prayer falls in), politics, culture, economics, relationships, and society all play indispensable roles. Meaning that Where one is missing, the whole is affected. If you make life all about spirituality only, you will suffer the consequences of neglecting others or quietly bear the consequences as a sacrifice for the spirituality you prefer.

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