Joy In The Time Of Chaos

Every challenge looks immovable until God comes.Challenges are bold and will look like they will not pass, but they will.Listen to me, the joy of the Lord is your strength..

There are times in your life that you do not know whether or not God will show up in that situation, the bible tells you to make reference to scripture and check..Has God showed up for someone like me in the past? If he did it before, he can do it again..He is the same God back then and now.

In the bible God delivered and lifted men.People slept in prison and woke up as prime minister, people received their dead loved ones back to life, prostitutes became part of the linage of Jesus, the barren received their children
So if I cannot explain the way my life is going, I can check scripture and say I know God is faithful.The God of my salvation will show up for me.. and as bold as my challenge may seem, I will rejoice

The moment there is weeping, God’s power cannot come. It takes Joy, joy is a magnet.
I know it is human to cry and grief, but grief is a spirit that continues to drive breakthrough away from you. You must sustain an impartation that gives you the grace to smile through stroms. You don’t smile because things have changed, You smile and rejoice to change the

If you wait for things to change before you have joy, then they will never change. Joy is derived from the Holy Spirit not your power. Ask him for this..

Joy is poweful.

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