Pastors shouldn’t go to ladies’ House For Vigils. – Dr. Daniel Olukoya

Dr. Daniel Olukoya, General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International, shared a video message with the public in a recent Facebook video.

While speaking in a Sunday worship service, the cleric reportedly stated that “In moments of hate and anger, true love shows kindness. So the one who truly loves a person will patiently wait for an improvement in others. Everyone is different. What I can do, you cannot. What you can do, I cannot do. We are different because of our environment and genetics. We do not have the same intelligence, grace, or knowledge. What you think is obvious may not be completely obvious to the other party.

Speaking further, he said, “There are plenty of foolish young people. There are lots of foolish old men and women too. So the one who loves will patiently wait for an improvement in others. What am I saying in particular to the husbands and wives here? Love comes with suffering. Love endures pain, sorrow, and anger. It endures selfish, critical, and immature speaking against them. You must have perfect love.

Speaking further, he said, “Here in MFM, one of the GO’s regulations for pastors is that they should not be going to women’s homes to do vigils. If you do, we will discipline you. One pastor began to visit a lady, saying they were doing a vigil. After some time, the vigil became another vigil, the lady got pregnant, and the pastor was reported. So the day we summoned the pastor, the lady came with him.

Meanwhile, the pastor had been suspended. The lady looked at me and said, “What right do you have to suspend my husband?” I said, “When did you marry?” She said, “I am pregnant, and so I am married. You have no right. And I am going to report you to a human rights organization because you are tormenting people here. I am pregnant, period!” I was looking at her. Anyone who does not wish to be insulted should not become a pastor. Pastors are always insulted by people.

Speaking further he said “So I kept looking at them. But I noticed that the pastors around me were getting angry. “Why are you talking to our GO like that?” So I turned to them and said, “But she is not talking to you now. It is me and her alone.” So she talked and talked, and I did not answer. So the same person who talked and talked and saw I was not responding now started crying. I was still staring at her. The anger did not upset me, just as the crying did not upset me. So people will insult you, and whatever they have done to you, they have done worse to Jesus. They called Jesus a madman.

They said, “Why are you listening to him? He is a mad man”. A person who has the power to say “All of you saying I am mad, be roasted”. But he was looking at them. At one point, they said Jesus was demon-possessed. But Jesus had patience.

Speaking lastly, he said, “Love is not judgmental in rushing to judge someone based on assumptions, expectations, or rumors. As a believer, do not join anyone in rushing to judgment against anybody when you do not even have the truth. Perfect love does not hastily retaliate. Perfect love does not say, “You do not know me. I am a green snake in the green grass. When I strike, you will see”.

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