People who are corrupt also try to corrupt Others – Pastor Kumuyi.

Pastor W.F Kumuyi, the General Overseer of Deeper Christian Life Ministry on a live-streamed video shared a message with the public.

While speaking on THE MEANINGLESS LIFE OF CORRUPTION AND CONDEMNATION Point 1 In a Monday Global Crusade, the cleric reportedly stated that “If the heart is corrupt, the language will be corrupt because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Out of the heart are all issues of life. If you are corrupt, your behaviors and ways of life will be corrupt. Every tree bringing forth evil fruits will be cut down. His life is nothing to write home about. Every tree, no matter where it is, in the church, community, family, as long as it is not bringing forth good fruits will be cast into the fire.

Speaking further he said “An armed robber doing evil in robbing people and wishing he will not be caught will be caught and sent to jail eventually, no matter who he or she is. The only way of escape is that corruption stops in your life. By their fruits we shall know them. It is about what you call yourself, but you need to bring your defiled and corrupt heart to Christ as well as the carnal nature and He will set you free in Jesus name.

Speaking lastly he said “People Who Are Corrupt Don’t Stay On Their Own, They Also Corrupt Others. If good people mix with them, they will influence them to also become corrupt. Look at yourself, your life is not as pure as it used to be since you met that individual. You must come to the Lord in repentance and run away from all corrupters in your life. When the Lord will come, you will reign with Him in Paradise.

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