In a recent Facebook video, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International, delivered a message to the public.

He spoke during a Wednesday Manna water Service about “THE WICKED ALTARS OF YOUR FATHER’S HOUSE (2).” During his talk, the cleric emphasized that only Adam and Eve entered the world without ancestors, meaning everyone else has inherited disorders and infections within family trees.

He stressed the significance of the blood of Jesus as the sole remedy to cleanse both living and deceased individuals’ bloodlines.

He discussed the presence of harassing spirits in dreams originating from deceased relatives, a serious matter necessitating the gathering.

Dr. Olukoya pointed out the importance of standing up for one’s family and the impact of an individual’s actions on their lineage.

He warned against allowing failures in the family’s foundation to define one’s history and stressed the need for more aggressive prayers to combat strongholds rooted in familial backgrounds.

He went on to explain that just as physical traits are inherited from parents and grandparents, spiritual blessings and curses are also passed down.

He linked this to the concept of generational curses, which can hinder a person’s destiny.

He cited Adam and Eve’s original sin and how its consequences affect humanity as a whole. Dr. Olukoya underlined that generational curses can obstruct one’s path to destiny fulfillment, often limiting progress and causing challenges that are difficult to comprehend and overcome.

This has led many individuals to remain unable to achieve their potential due to the burdens of family curses.

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