Today’s Reflection: John 10:24–25

John 10:24–25

The Jews who were there gathered around him, saying, “How long will you keep us in suspense? If you are the Messiah, tell us plainly.” Jesus answered, “I did tell you, but you do not believe. The works I do in my Father’s name testify about me,

Why were these individuals unable to recognize Jesus as the Messiah? They desired a straightforward declaration from Jesus, yet He caught them off guard by indicating He had already responded, but they “do not believe.” This segment of the Gospel continues the poignant lesson of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Interestingly, while these individuals sought a clear affirmation of Jesus’ messianic identity, Jesus instead plainly addressed their disbelief due to their inattentiveness. They overlooked His message and found themselves bewildered.

This suggests that God’s manner of speaking is distinct and may not align with our preferences. He communicates through a mystical, profound, and subtle language, unveiling His deepest secrets only to those who are attuned to His mode of communication. For those unfamiliar with God’s language, perplexity ensues.

If you ever feel bewildered about life or God’s plan for you, it might be time to introspect on your attentiveness to God’s communication. We might implore God to “speak plainly,” yet He consistently communicates in His established manner. And what is this language? At its core, it is the language of heartfelt prayer.

Prayer is more than reciting words; it is a profound bond of love with God. It is communication at its deepest level, an act of God within our soul, inviting us to have faith in Him, to follow Him, and to cherish Him. This call is perpetually extended to us, but we often miss it due to our lack of genuine prayer.

John’s Gospel, particularly Chapter Ten, conveys its message mystically. It cannot be understood fully by a cursory reading like a novel. Jesus’ teachings must resonate within your soul, contemplated prayerfully, to truly grasp them. This method will attune your heart’s ears to the certainty of God’s voice.

Contemplate today on the enigmatic ways God reaches out to you. If His mode of communication eludes you, that’s a valuable point of departure. Dedicate time to this Gospel, meditating on it in prayer. Reflect on Jesus’ words, attuning yourself to His voice. Familiarize yourself with His language through quiet prayer, letting His sacred words guide you closer to Him.


O Lord, enshrouded in mystery, You converse with me ceaselessly, unveiling Your affection. Guide me in honing my ability to heed Your voice, so that my faith may flourish and I may wholeheartedly embrace discipleship. In Jesus, my confidence lies.

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