What it means to have a family problem without a solution- Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, delivered a stunning sermon to the audience via live-streamed video.


Pastor Kumuyi said, “We have impossibility in our lives, but that impossibility will become possible tonight. That oppression is finished in your life today. When somebody has a habit that they dislike, and they fight against it, wanting to remove it, when anger or animosity takes root and no solution seems possible, that is an impossibility. When family problems persist despite seeking counsel, that is an impossibility.”

He continued, “Whatever the problem, the Lord will come to you and remove every impossibility in your life. When there’s a blockage in your way and you’ve tried to be saved but don’t see the evidence, you will be saved tonight in Jesus’ name. Transforming the wicked, setting them free, delivering them from affliction, transforming sinful souls, and changing a terrible nature‚ÄĒall these seem impossible, but with God, all things are possible. Demon possession may seem impossible to free oneself from, but with God, all things are possible. You will receive peace of mind, and your life will be transformed. Impossibility will become possible for you tonight, salvation and deliverance will be possible for you.

All things tonight will be possible for you, turning your life around.” Pastor Kumuyi stated that Jesus is an impartial intercessor and that with belief, all things are possible. He assured his listeners that possibilities have come to them and the power from heaven that makes the impossible possible is reaching their lives.

He concluded by stating that what they have been praying for will become a reality because the Intercessor, Jesus, is coming to intervene and bring salvation and transformation. In essence, Pastor Kumuyi’s message offered assurance and encouragement, highlighting that even seemingly impossible situations in life can be transformed through faith and the intervention of Jesus.

He said; “Jesus is an impartial intercessor, if you can believe, tonight all things are possible. In your life, it will be done in Jesus Name. Tonight, possibilities have come to you, the power from heaven that makes impossibilities possible is coming to your life tonight in Jesus’s Name. What you’ve been praying for before is going to become a reality now because the Intercessor is coming to intervene in yolife,ife and you will be saved tonight in Jesus’s name.

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