What The Holy Spirit Told Me When I Was About To weep- Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche

During a Wednesday Communion Service Part B, the clergyman expressed his deep love for both God and humans. He mentioned that his wife and people close to him are aware of this intense emotional bond. He described times when he was overcome with empathy for others, to the point of crying. He recalled an event in which he nearly burst into tears while someone was speaking to him. However, the Holy Spirit warned him against misinterpretation, prohibiting him from openly expressing his emotions.

The¬†pastor¬†went¬†on¬†to¬†say¬†that¬†when¬†he¬†places¬†his¬†hands¬†on¬†people¬†during¬†healing¬†sessions,¬†he¬†does¬†so¬†with¬†zeal. He¬†described¬†multiple¬†instances¬†in¬†which¬†people¬†had¬†immediate¬†relief¬†from¬†pain¬†and¬†afflictions¬†as¬†a¬†result¬†of¬†his¬†touch. He¬†stressed¬†the¬†importance¬†of¬†emotions¬†in¬†healing,¬†highlighting¬†that¬†the¬†intensity¬†of¬†one’s¬†feelings¬†affects¬†one’s¬†ability¬†to¬†heal. In¬†order¬†to¬†encounter¬†God’s¬†transformational¬†power¬†and¬†presence,¬†he¬†exhorted¬†the¬†congregation¬†to¬†reject¬†lovelessness¬†in¬†favor¬†of¬†a¬†life¬†filled¬†with¬†love.

Pastor Paul Enenche gave the audience a touching video message in which he expressed his profound emotional connection to God and mankind. He described occasions in which his empathy led him to tears and discussed the role of emotions in the healing process. The preacher urged a life full of love in order to encounter God’s work in revolutionary ways.

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