If You Divorce Your Spouse You Are A Fool – Pst. Femi

to Femi Emmanuel, the presiding pastor of Livingspring Chapel International, any marriage that decides to obtain a divorce is dumb.

He believes that even in cases of domestic abuse, the couple should remain together and work things out.The pastor was preaching in his church when a video of him saying this the following began to circulate on social media.

Your marriage will be peaceful if you are wise. Every husband and wife that quarreled daily and ultimately divorced and dispersed were just two stupid individuals. There won’t be a fight if someone wants to fight you and you’re not prepared.”

Speaking further, he said;‘’What is in a man that you cannot live at peace with a woman? What is in a man? The heart of a man is a power steering car. With one finger, you can control it. If you are wise, you can control the man. They will think you have done charm on him. He will just be following you. Anything you ask him to do, he will do. He will be calling you baby even if you are 67. Give a man what no one else can give him, he will be following you”

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