“Beware The God Of Gold Is On The Hunt For Precious Souls” – Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide, addressed his congregation during the “Beware The God Of Gold Is On The Hunt For Precious Souls” event at Breaking New Grounds Day 4, Evening Session.

He emphasized the importance of remaining resolute in serving God sincerely and using the resources God has provided. Bishop Oyedepo warned against allowing any negative influence to distract or confuse them. He predicted a future time when a clear distinction will be evident between those faithfully following Jesus and those who are not, and he prayed that his followers would be among those on the right path.

He stated: “The last days shall be days of darkness and gloominess for the world but days of men to be wondered at for the saints. Men to be wondered at. They will think you are a magician by virtue of God’s favour on your life haven walked with Him from phase to phase. Zechariah 3:5. Men to be wondered at. Just like they said Jesus had a demon, they won’t believe that you are a natural man.”

He elaborated that believers have transcended the earthly realm and are operating in the heavenly sphere. As a result, they experience divine interventions at an accelerated pace. Bishop Oyedepo cited the example of how Jesus, without a budget or the need to borrow, miraculously built a church building within a year.

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