Why Is Christ Making Intercession For Us? -Pastor Kumuyi.

Pastor W.F Kumuyi, General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, presented a message to the audience via live-streamed video.

The cleric reportedly stated in a Friday Global Crusade while speaking on PREVAILING INTERCESSION FOR INVALIDS IN INFIRMITY, Point 2, that “Today, the Lord who has made intercession for you will turn your life around and your impotent life will become mighty, something higher the Lord will put into your life IN Jesus Name.” If you’re content with your impotent life, you’ll stay that way. But if you’re not happy, He’ll make your life higher, greater, and better. Intercession means that Jesus prayed in the past and is now praying for sinners to be converted.

Speaking further he said “He prayed for the sinners. The sinners do not know that their sins will drag them to hell fire forever. A little thing that Achan did was that he died prematurely, a little sin that Ananias and Sapphira committed that made them die prematurely. But the Lord is making intercession for the invalids, sinners cannot change their character, but there’s One that can make that change for them and turn their lives around. He also prayed for the sanctification of those who are in the Kingdom of God, When that sanctification comes to you, holiness becomes something you delight in all the time, holiness makes life enjoyable. He makes intercession for the sick, and if you’re sick, Christ is making intercession for you and that sickness will not continue anymore.

Speaking further, he said “All your sins had been laid on Christ, and now because He knows that He died for you, that’s why He’s making intercession for you in heaven so that your sins will be forgiven, and that your life will turn around. He died for us, and He’s standing for you so that as you come to Him, He recognizes your face. The moment you link up with Him, He gives you Salvation because He’s making intercession for the transgressors.

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