Defining Curses By Dr. Paul Enenche

The Blessing was one of the things that God provided to man at the beginning of creation, according to the Bible (Gen. 1:26). That demonstrates that God does not intend for His children to live under a curse.

What exactly is a curse, and how does it work? Curses are unfavorable judgments, decisions, or proclamations that affect the recipients’ lives and futures negatively. When we say that a person’s life is being affected by a curse, we are referring to a verdict, a decree, or a declaration that is restricting or depriving that person of their freedom. Curses strip their victims of their power and ruin their lives and futures. You must realize that bad covenants or deals are frequently the cause of curses.

Curses can occur unintentionally or as a result of bad agreements and deeds. They may also arrive by accident. Even without intending to harm anyone, a person may criticize another individual. He might simply utter some reckless proclamations that end up binding people’s lives with curses. The majority of these declarations are made by spiritual or biological parents or other authority authorities.

However, I now declare that every unfavorable judgment, decree, or declaration that has been opposing your life and destiny is nullified and neutralized in the Name that is above every name—Jesus Christ, the risen Lord.

In the name of Jesus, I declare that no curse, bad decree, verdict, or proclamation will be able to control, undermine, or destroy your life and destiny. In the name of Jesus, I dispense the blessing of the Lord to annul every curse, adverse judgment, and proclamation directed against you. Keep in mind that nothing—not a curse, not a bad verdict, nor a bad decree—can limit, disable, or destroy your life or your destiny.

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