Don’t Just preach it, Live It—Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny Hinn, the founder and presiding Pastor of Texas-based Benny Hinn Ministries, has reiterated in a video shared on his official Facebook page the essence of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and salvation and why it isn’t just to be preached but also, to be reflected in the life of the preacher.

As shared by the cleric, in his words, “The gospel is not just good news to the sinner but also rules our conduct. As believers, we must obey the gospel, this has nothing to do with preaching the gospel but rather, living, the gospel, obeying the gospel, and letting the gospel affect our conduct, as Christians.”. In terms of the cross and what it requires of believers, the cleric has asked rhetorically, in his words, “What does the cross require of me? It requires, to deny yourself, to take up the cross daily, and to follow Jesus”. As revealed by the cleric, “The gospel isn’t just, go preach it, it is also, live it”.

As revealed by the cleric, “This has to do with standing, not advancing, not winning the lost—I have to protect the territory God gave me to walk in as a believer because, Satan and his forces are out to attack my faith, produce doubt to attack my peace, and cause confusion. The enemy is seeking whom he may devour—as a believer, make sure your communion is strong, that is what “in the Lord means”. As believers, now we put on the armor because he said you are fighting against demons, principalities, powers, wicked people, and wicked spiritual forces. So, you have to stand and hold your ground”.

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