Stop Criticizing White Garment church, and others- Prophet Iginla cautions

In the discussion centered around the recorded message titled ‘The Spoken Word,’ Prophet Joshua Iginla, the leader of Champions Royal Assembly, shared his candid viewpoint on the tendency of Pentecostal Ministers to criticize both White Garment Churches and Catholics in their sermons. His perspectives, expressed openly, resonated deeply with the call for unity and coherence within the Christian community.

Prophet Iginla emphasized the divine aspiration for unity, citing Jesus Christ’s plea for believers to come together as one. He expressed regret that despite this divine desire, the Christian community remains divided. In particular, he pointed out the unfortunate situation where Pentecostal preachers engage in criticizing Catholics and practitioners of White Garment Churches. He believes that this division distracts from the core mission of believers on Earth.

A central theme of Prophet Iginla’s message can be summarized in his statement: “I want to openly state that whatever the Catholics or the White Garment Churches are engaged in, we should learn to focus on our own paths.” He advocates for respecting the distinct practices and beliefs of various denominations without passing judgment. He suggests that this requires individuals to concentrate on their spiritual journeys and avoid unnecessary interference in the practices of others.

Prophet Iginla’s call to “mind your business” underscores the significance of humility and self-awareness in inter-denominational relationships. By acknowledging that none of us assumes the role of a judge, he promotes an attitude of acceptance and understanding. His declaration that he did not make the ultimate sacrifice for any specific denomination further reinforces his stance that it is not his place to critique or question the practices of others.

The message concludes with a thought-provoking reflection: “Until the Churches unite, we will continue to struggle.” Prophet Iginla highlights the difficulties that arise due to disunity and lack of cohesion within the broader Christian community. Ultimately, his message serves as a reminder that the pursuit of unity should be a priority, surpassing the differences that exist among different denominations.

Prophet Joshua Iginla’s insights serve as a strong call for introspection, encouraging believers to adopt a more inclusive, accepting, and compassionate approach towards fellow Christians. His words advocate for prioritizing one’s spiritual growth while fostering an environment of unity and collaboration within the diverse tapestry of the Christian faith.

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