Dr. Olukoya reveals what to do to put our Nation in order.

In a recent Facebook video, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International, shared a message discussing the topic of “THE WICKED ALTARS OF YOUR FATHER’S HOUSE (2)” during a Wednesday Manna Water Service.

He emphasized that the family is a divine institution established by God and predates the existence of the church. According to Dr. Olukoya, the state of the family greatly impacts all aspects of life. When a family thrives, its positive influence extends everywhere, while family troubles can lead to broader issues. He highlighted that attacking family lines has become a primary endeavor for the devil, comparing families to trees and their members to leaves.

Dr. Olukoya noted that the strength of a family determines the quality of its outcomes. A harmonious family represents an early form of heaven and serves as the core of civilization. To rectify societal issues, he argued, the family must be set right. He expressed concern over the widespread challenges faced by families, including oppression, possession, and destruction orchestrated by the devil.

The speaker also pointed out the devil’s strategy of disrupting families due to their inherent purpose, destiny, and divine agenda. He explained that the devil actively interferes in marriages and tries to destabilize them if they pose a threat to his agenda. He likened these disruptions to termites damaging a family tree, leading to curses and negative consequences passed down through generations. Dr. Olukoya concluded by highlighting the potential presence of destructive elements within family trees, which can erode the prosperity and harmony of the family unit.

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