“I don’t teach stuff that I don’t know anything about” – Pastor Joyce Meyer

Pastor Joyce Meyer, the founder and leader of Joyce Meyer Ministries based in America, recently shared on her official Facebook page about a conversation she had with someone who asked her to do a series on revelation.

According to the cleric, “I just don’t try to teach on stuff that I don’t know anything about—somebody asked me recently that, I think you should do a series on revelation; I said no, I shouldn’t! This Is because I do not understand it. However, I know it is important, and I read Revelations, and the Bible says, You’re blessed when you do, but, there are thousands of different theories about the end times”.

The pastor, known for her uplifting and advisory messages, explained that she prefers not to teach on topics that she is not knowledgeable about. She mentioned that although she doesn’t fully understand the concept of revelation, she recognizes its importance and reads the Book of Revelation in the Bible. She also acknowledged the existence of numerous theories about the end times. In light of this, she shared her personal belief, which is to always be prepared for the possibility of the end times occurring at any moment.

As revealed by the cleric, “As much as there are a thousand theories about the end times, I’ll tell you what my theory is, just be ready to go at any time”.

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