FOLLOWING GOD WITH PATIENCE – Pastor Paul and Becky Eneche

The Topic of Seeds of Destiny Devotional Is “Following God With Patience ”

Scripture:  Hebrews 6:12.

That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.

Thought for The Day: You must be patient with God to do what He wants to do with you.

Several years ago, as we were constructing the Area 1 Church of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, we faced a financial shortfall. The Office Complex still required 10 Million Naira for completion, which we didn’t have on hand.

A commercial bank approached us with an offer. They proposed raising the necessary funds for us, with one condition – that they would come and collect the offerings every Sunday and count them alongside our members until we repaid the debt.

However, I rejected this proposal outright. It wasn’t even up for consideration, as it felt demeaning. I believed that if God, the rightful owner of all, didn’t provide the means to finish the project, then it should remain as is.

In due time, God made provisions, and we managed to complete the project without incurring any debt.

Today, our financial standing has significantly improved. The sum that once seemed so daunting is now trivial; it wouldn’t even cover our generator’s fuel costs for a month. If I were to donate that amount today, it wouldn’t even count as a sacrifice on my part.

I urge you, dear friend, to remain patient even in tough times. There will come a day when challenges that once appeared insurmountable become easy to overcome.

God’s timing and process are essential for our growth. Hence, be patient and trust in His plan for you. Embrace the journey He has set for you and let Him guide and mold you.

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