20 things to do before you turn 30 – Past Akomaye Ugar (video)

1. Embrace Self-Discovery: Life’s journey begins with self-discovery. While some may be born aimless, a person of discovery positively impacts the world. Consider Wole Soyinka, who, despite material possessions, stands as a great man due to his indelible influence. Unleash your potential to solve problems effectively.

2. Harness Your Gifts for Problem-Solving: Unlock the power of your talents by actively engaging in problem-solving. Progress step by step, positioning yourself for rewards while enhancing your ability to address challenges.

3. Unveil Money-Making Strategies: Profits arise from others’ lack of knowledge. Teaching what’s known won’t earn payment. The law of potential difference dictates a fair exchange: providing what’s lacking in exchange for rightful reward.

4. Grasp the Essence of Love: Authentic love seeks fulfillment without infringement (eros love). Initial attraction differs from genuine affection. Love entails responsibility and giving, avoiding exploitation.

5. Aim for 30 Books: As a minimum, amass 30 personal books, cultivating a personal library by the age of 30.

6. Seek Spiritual Guidance: Find a spiritual leader (Pastor) for wisdom and insight, rather than choosing, allow discovery.

7. Cultivate a Distinct Identity: Earn recognition for a specific attribute, echoing the path of great individuals.

8. Benefit from Mentorship: Choose a mentor logically, as their influence shapes your life. Their experience provides valuable perspective.

9. Master Saying No: Maturity shines through confidently refusing without guilt.

10. Defeat Procrastination: Overcome laziness’s excuse by conquering procrastination. 11. Leverage Your Mind: Live according to your aspirations, as life’s measure aligns with your mental capacity.

12. Possess a Bank Account 13. Invest Wisely: Even minimal investments, like shares, especially in daily-production sectors such as banking, oil, or beverages, prove valuable.

14. Cultivate Unwavering Character: Your word defines you; stability of character is paramount.

15. Select Companions Deliberately: Choose those you wish to surround yourself with wisely.

16. Grasp Dining Etiquette: Proficiency in dining etiquette reveals the significance of subtle details in life.

17. Condense Vision into a Sentence

18. Acquire Driving Skills

19. Extend Generosity: Financial capability to support others reflects abundance.

20. Embrace Spiritual Renewal: Foster a loving relationship with God through rebirth.

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