Higher Everyday (21/10/2023): Resolving Rifts

Higher Everyday
Resolving Rifts
Saturday, October 21, 2023
Key Verse
“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you” (Ephesians 4:32).

Text — Ephesians 4:29-32
A Rift is described as serious disagreement that disrupts good relations. Harriet B. Braiker insists that, “Conflict can and should be handled constructively; when it is, relationships benefit. Conflict avoidance is ‘not’ the hallmark of a good relationship. On the contrary, it is a symptom of serious problems and of poor communication.” Conflict can arise everywhere and anywhere because all of us have our own interests, personalities, thought processes and reactions. As believers, it is wise to question the situation, analyze and resolve the problem with prayer, God’s Word and Spirit guidance rather than letting it linger.

We can resolve conflicts by accommodating, collaborating, and making compromises. Our memory verse states that in times of rift, we need to forgive one another. We need to be kind and tenderhearted as disagreements are not resolved if each of the contending parties remains bitter and unforgiving. If you are a mediator, listen actively with empathy and avoid partiality, so that the outcome would be adjudged to be fair and just by all. Christians should endeavour to “… live peaceably with all men” (Romans 12:18).

We need to forgive one another

Let conflict not rob you of your faith.

Prayer for today
Holy Father, help me to peacefully settle all my rifts with others.

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