Higher Everyday(04/09/2023): Do Not Reject Knowledge

Do Not Reject Knowledge
Monday, September 4, 2023
Key Verse
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

Text — Hosea 4:6-9
All over the world, the idiom that ‘Knowledge is power’ has become a rigidly acceptable principle for excellence. In the light of this, we now believe that “ideas rule the world.” Knowledge has pushed the frontiers of development across the world. It is for this reason that the most advanced countries of the world invest mostly in human capital, knowing fully well that the development of this great asset is the only power to push technology which drives the digital age.

The value of knowledge is therefore not quantifiable. It has so many benefits for nations, communities and individuals. It enlightens and brings about improvement in the community and economic status of people. Knowledge leads to the rapid development of nations and improves the living condition of citizens. God’s controversy with Israel was that they despised and rejected the knowledge of His law; therefore, He also rejected them and withdrew privileges from them. Those who live in willful disobedience to God’s law are enemies of God and will be punished, except they repent.

Knowledge is power

The value of knowledge cannot be quantified.

Prayer for today
Lord give me knowledge and understanding of your Word.

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