How God delivered a Pastor that is only attracted to Men – Pastor Paul Enenche

Dr Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, spoke to his members on “The Necessity Of Revival” at International Ministers’ Flaming Fire Conference 2023, Day 2 Morning Session || Glory Dome, Abuja.

According to him, “Beloved brothers and sisters, our world must be rescued. For these reasons and more, revival must be now. Where gay people will come to the altar. There are some of them who are agents of the devil trying to make the agenda of hell work on earth. Still, there are some of them, who I think may be in the majority, who have a demonic perversion inside of them that makes them have zero attraction to women and 100 percent attraction to fellow men.”

He then told a story of how God delivered a pastor who said he is not attracted to women but to men. He said, “I have talked to a pastor who was in that problem. Yes! He came to me. He said he didn’t like girls in high school, it was boys he liked. He struggled and got married but before he got married he was looking for a job and got a job in a hotel to work in the reception and he met another receptionist in that hotel. He told the man, I don’t know whether it is normal, it is only men I am attracted to. Can I be helped? The man said to me too. That was how they got hooked and began a gay relationship right there. He went on and on.”

“He pastored a big church you may know, he was still doing that. Young men around him working as P.A. Or anything were not safe. Somehow God helped him and he got married but he said for the last three years he has not gone near his wife and his wife understands but she is concerned. My heart went out for him. This is not somebody wanting to do wrong, this is not somebody wanting to be perverse, this is somebody who is possessed. Something is wrong with him.”

“I placed him on a fast, brought him and his wife to this altar and laid hands on him. After that encounter, two or three of such, my mind changed towards many of them towards what led them to do that. It takes the power of God to break them loose and correct that perversion and give them a reorientation.”

Finally, he said, “You can’t castigate them to change them, you can’t criticize it to change anything. You can’t be be angry at them to change anything. It takes the raw power of God. They will all be delivered. You can’t hate them to change them back to who they are.”

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