What You should do If you insult a Pastor—Johnson Suleman reveals

According to the cleric, he has revealed in his words, “Listen, if you have ever attacked a pastor, you must send him a message to apologize—whether he is wrong or right, it is up to God to judge.

The cleric also revealed in his words, “People that are witches and demons could not stop them, manipulations could not stop them. When a man is under manipulation, he will always think he is doing the right thing. A person under manipulation, you can’t advise them, they will only be talking in error—such a person would continue to attack any man of God in error”.

As revealed by the cleric, concerning those who attack pastors, “You think God cannot fight for himself, you think God is so powerless that it is you that would fight for Him—and you keep abusing God; don’t ever allow yourself to be manipulated; you must desist from attacking men of God”.

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