How to Work Your Faith by Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo (Audio and Video Message)

Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo is the Associate Senior pastor of David’s Christian Centre, and an author.

She is also the founder of “Just Us Girls Global Network” a ministry that hosts the popular When Women Worship and Just Us Girls conferences which have attracted women in their thousands.

It is a ministry centered on helping women live their best lives. She is a firm believer in the fact that as a woman, you can have it all.

She is married to Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, Senior pastor of David’s Christian Centre and host of popular TV program: Love, Dating and marriage and they are blessed with three beautiful Children, Dassah, Davida and David.

Pastor mildred kingsley-okonkwo : An Anointed & Renowned Christian Preacher Pastor mildred kingsley-okonkwo shared a powerful message in which he talked about “How To Work Your Faith ”

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