If you are into ‘yahoo yahoo’, you are digging your grave without knowing- Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide, addressed his congregation during the Breaking New Grounds event at the “Beware The God Of Gold Is On The Hunt For Precious Souls” session.

According to Bishop Oyedepo, riches is a component of the redemption that believers receive, not an individual aspiration. He emphasized that money is not necessarily evil; nonetheless, the love and worship of money can lead to immorality. He stated that those people who deviated from the covenant route and chased money excessively are now in trouble.

Bishop Oyedepo used a scriptural allusion to describe how Judas deserted Jesus in order to achieve his dream of purchasing land. He warned about the destructive nature of greed and how it can lead to people making foolish and bad judgments.

According to him, “Judas was a land speculator, he was stealing to buy land, he now had a land to buy and there was no money that he could steal. The eyes of Peter, James, and John were on the money, he said, “I better sell Jesus and buy this land. I don’t want to miss this land”. He sold his Master, because (the love of money) makes you mad. Jesus knew that Judas was a thief but if He ever mentioned it, Peter would cut his neck.”

He also discussed illegitimate businesses, using online fraud (yahoo yahoo) as an example. Bishop Oyedepo strongly discouraged such behavior, noting that it undermined one’s grace and well-being. He urged people to look for acceptable and ethical ways to generate money in order to live a calm and wealthy life. Bishop Oyedepo’s teachings emphasize the significance of a balanced approach to wealth, as well as the importance of prioritizing ethical behavior and Godly ideals over the desire of money.

“Any illegitimate business that anyone here is involved in without knowing is digging your grace.” Yahoo, Yahoo manipulations, if you are involved in yahoo yahoo, you are unknowingly digging your own coffin; get out of it. There are ethical alternatives to supplement your income while being at peace.”

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