When You are possessed with love, every other thing become temporal- Bishop Oyedepo

Winners Chapel International Surrey is a branch of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, whose Presiding pastor is Dr. David Oyedepo.

Dr. Bishop David Oyedepo, the presiding pastor and founder of Winners Chapel International, recently shared a message with the public on their official Facebook page.

The servant of God went on to remark that when you have the spirit of love, everything else in the world loses its value to you.

According to the cleric he reported, “when you are possessed with the Spirit of love, everything else in the world naturally loses value to you, while you continue to increase in value.” It is impossible to be addicted to God and not be added to.

His previous post on facebook stated that ‘There is no way you can persist in sinful habits and expect to be in divine health. It is part of the terms of the covenant. If you are not serving God in holiness and purity, you cannot expect Him to minister divine health unto you.

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