If you say you won’t allow Jesus Christ to reign, there will be Repercussions – Pastor Kumuyi

The General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry Pastor W.F Kumuyi on a live-streamed video shared a message with the public.

While speaking on THE RETURN OF THE REIGNING REDEEMER point 3, in a Saturday global crusade, the cleric reportedly stated that “Jesus came the first time to make a sacrifice and shed His blood for all the earth to be saved. Psalm 2:8 says “He will reign over the HEATHEN. If you are a pagan, and idol worshipper, as soon as you give your life to Christ, idolatry is over. He reigns over our HEARTS. From the throne of your heart, He will rule. He asks you as a son to give Him your heart. He reigns in your HABITATION. When you get back home, bring together all idols and emblems of idol-worship and destroy them. If You Say You Won’t Allow Him To Reign, There Will Be Repercussions, but as for those who surrender their hearts, God will reign over them. He reigns over our HABITS.

Speaking further he said “God is calling you to return so He can also return into you. He will bless your going and coming, and He will bless your family. He will give you a heart to know Him as Lord. As you return to Him tonight, blessing upon blessing upon your life in Jesus name.

Bow your head and pray to the Lord.

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