I saw great destinies, great futures in an Assembly. – Bishop Oyedepo.

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of Living Faith Chapel a.k.a Winners on a live-streamed video shared a message with the public.

While speaking on “WALKING IN DOMINION OVER SICKNESS AND DISEASE 4” at Enough is Enough Service || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| First Sunday Service || Part A, the cleric reportedly stated that “Congratulations to all the youths in the house. I Saw Great Destinies, I Saw Great Futures In An Assembly, I Saw The Highest Concentration Of Giants the world has never known rising from here. I was not physically in all the sessions but I was on for quite a number on the system, I saw creative outpouring, creative downpour, you better subject your sons and daughters to this thing before it is too late.

Speaking further he said ” Spiritual inoculation creates a future. People get hooked into God, there is nothing that you can leave for any child under heaven outside connecting them to God that guarantees rest tomorrow. I saw mercy, I knew Jesus on time and I kept following him madly and he kept making me colourfully. The blessings were released upon everyone there but the blessings require that you take personal responsibility to make them manifest. Get those materials of this convention and feed yourself to the next levels. I have nothing I am using, I am just trading the mysteries of the Kingdom as a way of life.

Speaking lastly he said ” I saw a huge church when we were 24, I told them that I was seeing crowds that you can’t see. How did I see it? From the Word. It shows what to do to get what you are looking for. When you do what He says to do, leave the rest for Him.

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