It Is the absence Of Light that torment us- Bishop Oyedepo.

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of Living Faith Chapel a.k.a Winners on a live-streamed video shared a message with the public.

While speaking on “WALKING IN DOMINION OVER SICKNESS AND DISEASE 4” at Enough is Enough Service || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| First Sunday Service || Part A, the cleric reportedly stated that “No other force has power over darkness but light. Activity has no power over darkness but light. Length of days in service has no power over darkness but light. No other force empowers anything to shine but light. Life is meaningless without light. Jesus, the ultimate light is called the Sun of Righteousness. He is the Living Word. Light in the Word shatters darkness without struggle. Psalm 119:4. Light, the master of darkness anytime, anywhere and any day. It Is Not The Thickness Of The Darkness That Torments Us, It Is The Absence Of Light. The absence of light is auto access into the realm of darkness where there is always weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Speaking further he said “By the light of God’s Word that empowers believers over sickness and disease, this being the last Sunday, you are not just returning free, you are walking home with the key that puts you over it in Jesus name. Light broke through in my search on God’s purpose for marriage and I knew, light can’t come without you knowing and I said now I am set for hitch-free marriage. It is not a language people spoke in those days. It has only become formal now because many people are walking in that light and commanding the same order of testimony. Forty one years have passed, I have not had a prayer point on my marriage. Oh Lord let this marriage work. Light is the master of darkness any day, anywhere.

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