I received the grace of not borrowing – Bishop David Oyedepo

In a live-streamed video, the General Overseer of Living Faith Chapel, a.k.a. Winners Bishop David Oyedepo, shared a message with the world.

During his presentation on “WALKING IN DOMINION OVER SICKNESS AND DISEASE 4” at Enough is Enough Service || Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland|| First Sunday Service || Part A, the cleric allegedly declared, “I Caught The Light On Not Borrowing Forty Two Years Ago, I Have Never Been Tempted To.”That is a widespread practice across the world, yet Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did not borrow. I haven’t borrowed, lacked, or begged. The importance of light cannot be overstated.

Speaking further he said “We live in a world of darkness and darkness torments, but when you gain access to light and you are walking in it. The light you put in your portmanteau cannot have any impact. The torchlight you put in your pocket cannot show you the way to go. It is walking in the light that puts you over the forces of darkness. Every air of darkness around anyone’s life on any issue of life shall be shattered this morning. Light does not come through the intellect. No! The secret things belong unto God, the ones He reveals are the ones that belong to us. On this note, Never use intellect to appraise the truth, they are in two far-apart classes. Today, God will humiliate sickness and disease in your life, and that for life.

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