Jesus Can make you happier than Alcohol- Pastor Kumuyi Tells Members.

During a Thursday Global Crusade, the priest declared that “Jesus called him to come to Him, and the same people around him who condemned him earlier told him to come to Christ who was calling Him.”

He arose, threw off the blind man’s garment, and pursued the Lord. Some individuals use alcohol to make themselves happy, but Jesus can make you happier than alcohol. When some people are depressed, they consume cigarettes, marijuana, and heavy narcotics. But tonight, as you approach Him, He will offer you more joy and delight than alcohol can.

Speaking further he said “Jesus will order your life. All the lives that are scattered and in shambles will be restored in Jesus’s name. Everything Disrupting Your Peace Will Vanish Away In Jesus Name. Everywhere He goes, Jesus has great power. He is great in strength and mighty to save and deliver. He is great at saving souls, and no matter how far you have gone in sin, even if you have become a terror and a problem to yourself, He is able to save you. He is, not was. Even today, He is able to save you to the uttermost because He is praying for you so that there will be a manifestation of the power of God in your life. 

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