When you see a re-occurring Pattern in your Family, then it is a sign to Pray- Apostle Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founding and leading pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, has posted a message to the public. In the video clip, he stated that if you notice a recurring pattern in your family, it is a sign that you should pray for a breakthrough.

“Look at your family, everyone is going through the same problem, you’re folding your hands, you don’t think it’s time to cry out in prayer to change the pattern,” he says.

He described how, in a family of seven sons, the first died, the second died, the third died, and the rest stood by doing nothing.

Speaking further, he explained that his family had money but didn’t travel overseas, and the only one who did was a stroke patient. He had to fast and pray for twenty-one(21) days in order to disrupt the pattern. Following his prayer, he received a call from the embassy inviting him to come and apply for a visa for his wife and himself.

Finally, he stated that he not only travels across the world but also sponsors individuals to travel to different regions of the world.

He delivered this speech at the recently finished Victory Crusade in Yaounde, Cameroon.

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