Physical Attraction; Does it Really Matter? – Mildred and Kingsley Okonkwo

Physical attraction is arguably the biggest factor in dating today among single people looking to settle down and this applies to the Christian community as well.

The way you look can affect how people perceive you, and it can also influence the type of relationships you form. Appearance is one of the first things that people notice about others, and it can create an immediate impression

Looks aren’t everything in a relationship, but they do matter. Many factors play a role in the success of any relationship, including the couple’s personalities, shared interests or values, and mutual love for each other.

A person can be spirit-filled, have all the right values and a great personality to boot but can still be rejected or relegated to the friendzone on account of not looking a certain way.

Is this valid though? Because physical attraction is actually important in marriage but what level of importance should we place on it especially as Believers?

However, a person’s attractiveness is not solely dependent on their physical appearance, because attractiveness is not always as important as we’re led to believe.

Watch the full video below

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