POWER; A Transcript of Message By Pastor E.A Adeboye


BIBLE TEXT: Act 1: 4-8

After the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, what next. Eccl. 7:8, It is one thing to set a goal, it is another thing to achieve it. John 17:4 John 19:30, on the cross before He died, He said it is finished, in other words, mission accomplished. John 16:7, He told His disciples that I will soon fulfil my own destiny and I need to help you fulfil yours. I will soon be going but will send someone who will send you fulfil your own destiny.

After He rose from the dead, just He was taken to the heaven, He said to the disciples, you will revive power, the holy spirit will come upon you and He will give you power. What is power? In a layman language, it is the ability to do work, easily and efficiently.

The power that you need to fulfil your destiny easily without stress, I decree, receive it in Jesus name. Amen Categories of Power 1. Political Power, Eccl. 8:4 2. Financial Power/Material Power, Proverbs 10:15, Ecc 7:12 3. Spiritual Power, 2 Kings 4:8-17 4. Counterfeit Power, Acts 8:9-24 5. Power passes power, Exodus 7:8-12 The power of the Most High will swallow all the counterfeit power against you in Jesus name. Amen.

Mathew 28:18 Why do you need to have the power of the Holy Spirit?

1. So that you can fulfil your destiny. Luke 5:1-11, Acts 2:1-41 (Peter preached a single sermon and won 1000 souls) Galatians 1:15-16, Acts 9:10-20

2. The greater the power the easier for you to reach your goal. Acts 3:1-11 (The power of God manifested in a great manner in the life of Peter) Acts 4:4, Acts 5:1-16 (Peter performed more miracles and his shadow began to heal the sick), Peter destiny begin to fulfil at more amazing speed.

Scientifically, Power could be transfered through conduction, Convention and radiation. The moment God want you to fulfil your destiny is now. If you are baptised in the Holy Spirit, use it, speak and pray in tongues, when you are speaking in tongues, you are speaking mysteries. Keep praying in the Holy Spirit. Speak in tongues so that you will lose it.

Romans 8:26 If you already have the power, use it, if you don’t use it, you will lose it. Witness more, talk about Jesus Christ everywhere you go. Lay hands on the sick. Use the power so that it can multiply. If you will apply this simple principles, you will suddenly see you getting closer to your destiny.

For those who are yet to receive the power of the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:37-39 ;

1. Repent, surrender your life to Jesus Christ.

2. Be baptised, (by immersion)

3. Begin now to use the power, join the workforce and see the Almighty God moving you closer and closer to your destiny. Do everything you need to do to receive that power and you will fulfil your destiny.

The Almighty God will stir up that power in you and do for you exceedingly and abundantly all that you ask or think. Use the power to serve God, use the power to win more souls to the kingdom of God. Use that power so that you won’t lose it. May you not lose the power in Jesus name.

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