Unleashing Divine Power: A Prophetic Message from Pastor Joshua Iginla

Hey there, amazing readers! Today, let’s dive into the fiery words that recently came from none other than the Nigerian pastor, televangelist, and all-around dynamic figure, Joshua Iginla. Known by some as a prophet, this man of God took to Facebook to drop some wisdom that’s making waves across the spiritual sphere.

In a world saturated with religious theories and historical accounts, Pastor Joshua Iginla boldly proclaimed, “The GOSPEL is not an explanation of religious HISTORY, it is an expression of Divine power.” Hold up, did you catch that? It’s not about a mere retelling of events – it’s about tapping into the very essence of the Divine and unleashing a power that can transform lives.

Remember that verse from Romans 1:16 where Paul fearlessly declared, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth”? Well, Pastor Iginla sure hasn’t forgotten. He echoed those words, reminding us that the gospel isn’t just a historical record, but a dynamic force that can bring about salvation to anyone who embraces it.

And let’s be real here – Pastor Iginla didn’t stop at dropping this truth bomb. He went on to call out a rather eyebrow-raising trend he’s noticed. He said, “The world will not be changed by a gospel that reflects the explanation of religious history, without the expression of Divine power.” Mic drop! It’s like he’s saying, “Hey, all you ‘explainy’ ministers out there, it’s time to get your power game on!”

Pastor Iginla isn’t holding back on his words. He’s pointing out that there’s a gap between those who merely discuss religious history and those who channel the actual power of God. It’s like having a history book with no real-life application – not exactly a game-changer, right? He’s throwing down the gauntlet, challenging all of us to rise above explanations and embrace the raw, tangible power that comes from a true connection with the Divine.

In closing, he left us with this epic mic-drop moment: “Very soon the world won’t pay attention to a powerless gospel with a powerful history. God is raising men of Power not men of explanation.” Whoa, talk about a wakeup call! It’s time to trade in our “explanation” badges for some serious “power” credentials.

So, dear friends, take this prophetic message to heart. It’s not about knowing religious history inside and out – it’s about harnessing the electrifying power of the gospel. Let’s be the change-makers, the power-bringers, the world-transformers that Pastor Joshua Iginla is calling us to be. Get ready to experience the raw power of God through the gospel – and watch as your life becomes a catalyst for transforming the world. In the mighty name of Jesus, let the power surge begin! 🌟

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