Daily Manna for Children (23/09/2023): Choose The Way Of Peace

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Choose The Way Of Peace
Saturday, September 23, 2023
Key Verse
“Thus Edom refused to give Israel passage through his border: wherefore Israel turned away from him.” Numbers 20:21

Text — Numbers 20: 18- 3

The major reason for crisis and warfare in families, communities, nations and the whole world today is simple; people do not overlook offences, do not forgive and do not let go, but always want to retaliate. In today’s Bible passage, the children of Israel were journeying to the promised land. They made an appeal to the people of Edom to pass through their borders since it was a shorter route. The Hebrew word “Edom” means “red”; and history relates it to the name of its founder, Esau, brother of Jacob (who later became Israel) and the elder son of Isaac.

God still blessed Esau and the Edomites became his descendants. It was strange to see the king of Edom turned down Israel’s (his brother) request with a strong warning and threat. The refusal was a clear demonstration of cruelty and unforgiving spirit. Believers should learn to forgive and forget past offences. At the same time, Israel had the option of choosing the path of war and force their way through, but they chose the way of peace, which is always the best choice.

Believers are encouraged to be at peace with everyone. Jesus is the Prince of peace and we are to follow His example in all things.

Further Reading
Matthew 5:38-45

Prayer for today
Lord, give me grace to live peacefully with everyone around me.

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