It Is Never Too Late With God

The passage in Mark 5:35 (NLT) describes, “As he was still talking, messengers from Jairus’s house came with the news, ‘Your daughter has passed away. There’s no need to bother the Teacher anymore.’”

Often, even after seeking divine intervention, situations might deteriorate before they get better. This was evident in Jairus’s case. He reached out to Jesus, seeking healing for his ailing daughter. Jesus, acknowledging his plea, set out to visit his home. But during their journey, they received the devastating news of her passing.

At this juncture, many declared the situation beyond salvation. This is a common pitfall for many – giving up when adversity heightens. Yet, in Mark 5:36, Jesus confidently advises Jairus, “Ignore their words. Just trust in me.”

Such deteriorations are prevalent. Some who’ve longed for a life partner or a child often lose hope after a certain age. However, Sarah’s biblical narrative defies this, showing that with God, it’s never too late for miracles. But many lose out on such miracles, as they cease to trust.

Jairus, trusting Jesus’s advice, witnessed his daughter being resurrected by Jesus.

Mark 5:38-39 provides an important perspective: when Jesus reached Jairus’s house, he questioned the surrounding grief, asserting, “The child hasn’t passed away; she’s merely asleep.” This signifies Jesus’s faith, believing the miracle was achieved the moment He decided to visit.

It’s crucial not to lose hope in seemingly ‘dead’ situations. Your aspirations, relationships, or even physical attributes aren’t beyond revival.

After prayer, adhere to these seven strategies:

  1. Disregard any negative thoughts or remarks.
  2. Focus on positivity, avoiding despair.
  3. Overlook the apparent situation.
  4. Put your fears aside.
  5. Affirmatively vocalize your beliefs.
  6. Heed divine instructions.
  7. Persistently trust God.

Remember, irrespective of your circumstances, stay optimistic. Your words should reflect not your current scenario, but God’s promises.

Jesus’s faith is evident. He treated the girl as if she were merely sleeping, showcasing His trust in His words. It’s essential to believe and voice our aspirations for them to materialize.

Stories from the Bible, like Gideon’s or Lazarus’s, remind us that it’s never too late with God. Lazarus, though dead for four days, was resurrected by Jesus. This indicates God’s supremacy over all realms. Similarly, Sarah, at 90, bore Isaac, defying nature. Always hold onto God’s promise. Soon, you’ll witness your miracle, for with Him, no situation is ever truly hopeless.

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