Jehovah Sabaoth – Dami Paul Ft. Moses Akoh MP3 Download (Video)

Dami Paul, who is happily married, a devoted Christian, who adores God and His teachings, together with Moses Akoh unveils a glorious music of God’s unending love and omnipotent presence – “Jehovah Sabaoth” 

Inspired by a vision, Pastor of Holyhill proclaimed “Jehovah Sabaoth” as a divine theme for the coming year. This signifies that God’s power and leadership will be evident throughout 2024.

Imagine the comfort! The God who commands all creation, both physical and spiritual, is also your loving Father in Heaven.

May this music become a testament to your unwavering faith. Sing it loud, knowing that God’s love is your constant companion and His strength leads you to triumph.

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